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Basic Estimating of Electrical Construction

This course is for those with little or no experience in estimating, and those seasoned estimators looking to hone their skills. Materials include textbook, Manual of Labor Units, reference books, sample drawing, and specification and work sheets for each student. This course is a must for those who find themselves frustrated by the current bid market and continue to question their efforts in compiling a competitive bid. The principles taught will help you eliminate careless mistakes, which can cost your company its very existence.

For the first time, NECA has created a one-hour online course that will now be required for all Basic Estimating class participants. NECA's Manual of Labor Units has, for many years, been widely recognized as the electrical construction industry's leading source for labor unit data. It is essential for a person to understand the intent and application of this labor unit data to properly calculate the labor required on a project. This online course, which is now part of the basic estimating course, serves as an introduction to NECA's Manual of Labor Units. It contains helpful information about the origin of the labor units, the proper application of the data and how one can use these labor units to competitively bid electrical construction projects. The purpose of this online course is two-fold. First, it will allow all students of a Basic Estimating class to have the same basic information prior to the classroom instruction. For that reason, it will also allow us to reduce the time in class from the previous 4 ½ days to 4 days.

Topics covered are labor factoring for job conditions, basics of material takeoff/expanded material takeoff, Manual of Labor Units introduction, labor units applied to material takeoffs, bid documents, organizing an estimate for control, and much more.

Prerequisites include an understanding of electrical construction and the application of electrical material. This course is a recommended prerequisite for the Advanced Estimating Class.

Instructor: Bob Mooty
Chatper Office


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Advanced Estimating of Electrical Construction

This course is designed to assist the student in all phases of the estimating process, beginning with identifying desirable bid opportunities in conjunction with analyzing the company's capabilities to insure profitable results. The course covers all phases of preparing a competitive bid, including the many-times-ignored hidden cost in the bid documents.

For the first time, the course material will include NECA's new 2004 Productivity Studies. These seven newly revised studies quantify the impact of adverse working conditions on electrical constructors and will be used during the course to solve real life case studies.

The Course concludes with an overview of the estimator's role at the pre-construction meeting. The long-term goal is to increase the estimator's confidence and efficiency while improving the company's profitability. Prerequisite: Basic Estimating or permission of instructor.

Instructor: Bob Mooty
Chapter Office


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Change Order Management

Most electrical contractors agree that one of the industry's most vexing problems is the change order. They may significantly alter the nature of the work, change the materials to be installed, or be considered "insignificant" changes, but they often alter the sequence of scheduled activities, require rework of installations and divert some manpower and equipment needed for the original contract work.

Following this class, participants will be able to:

  • Identify change order errors in advance to minimize project loss
  • Describe the impact of change management on project success
  • Discuss how to minimize the impact of change orders
  • Explain how to manage changes on a project

 Instructor: Awad Hanna
Location: Chapter Office


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